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Kagulu Hill

This was the first settlement area for our fore fathers led by Prince Mukama from Bunyoro. Although the cultural value of of Kagulu has just improved,Kagulu extends to cover a wide area, the remaining and visible landmark. The hill sits in between two roads that divide at the foothill leading to IGWAYA and IYINGO

The hill, although not yet familiar to many people outside Busoga, it has a breathtaking scenery that gives a clear view of almost the entire Busoga. Kagulu hill is unique in the attractions it offers. It is the only hill in Uganda that has been adapted for tourist climbing with constructed steps to make it easy for visitors to access the top.

Budhumbula shrine/palace

Located 2 km from Kamuli town along the Kamuli-Jinja main road, the site comprises a shrine and the residence of the formerKyabazinga of Busoga ,Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope, who died in 1976. The shrine, covered by beautiful marbles consist of graves of other various members of the royal family, such his father and mother,Yosia Nadiope and Nansikombi respectively.Currently it’s also home to Prince William Nadiope 1V

The other graves found within the shrine are of his son, a former Uganda government Minister, Prince Professor Wilson Nadiope who died in 1991 and his mother Yuliya BabiryeNadiope  who died in 2004. The palace was donated by the protectorate government in 1914.

The source of the Nile

The Source of the Nile, the second longest river in the world,is one of our unique  attractions  having been discovered by one of the first European explorers,John Speke, The tranquility and splendour of both Lake Victoria and River Nile embody great memories of any visitor to Busoga.

Bujagali Falls

This among others, such as the Bujagali ancestral site for the Basoga ancestral spirits at Bujagali falls, includes the numerous rapids along the Nile, virgin nature across the region, and the culture of the people and the great Lake Victoria by no doubt gives Busoga Kingdom its distinct place in tourism.

Lake Victoria

Southern Busoga is lined with the waters of Lake Victoria. The coastline starts from Jinja and goes eastwards, to the border with Kenya.

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