Busoga Unification Gala

Busoga Unification Gala

The main aim of these galas and conference is to raise awareness about the issues affecting Busoga and emphasize the urgent need to restore the glory of our motherland – Busoga.

At the Media launch of the galas in March 2014, at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja, the day will comprise of unveiling the 6-month event plan which will include District Football competition, Netball, Kigwo, Mweso, Schools’ music competition and lastly Ekisaagati for the girl child which will be done in the holidays of the third term when students are back. In each district, all these events will be led by the area Cultural leader, Religious leaders and area Members of Parliament.

Thereafter we shall have an overall dialogue (Olukungano lwo bwegaisi) and gala (Omuvangano) on the 8th of August at The Crested Crane Hotel and 15th August at Bugembe Stadium– Jinja respectively. The final dialogue will be chaired by His Grace, Former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi and the Dinner will be graced by His Excellency, the President of Uganda, who at this point in time needs to know the urgency we are in as regards to restoring our Kyabazinga.

Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to solicit for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concern towards the noble task.

We thank you in advance for your generous contribution towards the restoration of the kingship pride


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