Past Kyabazingas

Obwa Kyabazinga bwa Busoga has evolved over years and each Kyabazinga that has presided over Busoga has added a piece to the process. To date, there have been three past Kyabazingas who have presided over Busoga since 1939 as an established federated state of Busoga.

These have been:- Chief Ezekiel Tenywa Wako, who was the first Kyabazinga of Busoga and ascended to the throne in 1939: Yosia Nadiope, and Sir William Wilberforce Nadiope Kadhumbula.

Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula succeeded his late father’s (Yosia Nadiope) quick sense of judgement and love for the people. He ridded the kingdom of insecurity; eliminating bad elements in society in the famous operation named Emizindula (war against theft), ended the British policy on the fight against smallpox (Kawumpuli), during which residents were ordered to carry rat tails to Busoga square for counting as evidence that they had really killed the disease agents (rats). This, he saw as a dehumanising act and joined his subjects to denounce the policy, which brought him in conflict with the British administration. As a result he was exiled to Bunyoro where he was called to lead the Basoga into the Second World War.

His war skills and mobilisation ability earned him Queen Elizabeth’s admiration and love. He was honoured with the title Sir among other awards.

He also played a big role in Uganda’s independence struggle and before the end of his career, he had served as the first Vice President of the independent Uganda. He was also the Chairman of Uganda People’s Congress political party (UPC).

He mobilised for the construction of infrastructures like roads, hospitals, government centres like county and sub-county headquarters and most of all mobilising the Basoga to productive farming of both food and crops.

During his tenure of office doubling as the Vice President, Kyabazinga and UPC Chairman, he managed to push for several development projects in Busoga that include construction of schools like the Balangira High School, which later became Busoga College Mwiri.

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