The Busoga Flag and Emblem


Busoga flag is represented by three colours, which denote the following:
Blue –
Water is a source of life. The blue, represents the water bodies, River Nile, Lake Victoria, River Mpologoma in the West and Lake Kyoga that surround the region as the unbeatable natural resource endowments that define the economic activity of Busoga.
Represents the warm and sunny weather experienced in Busoga throughout the year.
Represents the fertile brown alluvial soils found in this Victoria Crescent14689756_10209581254941883_500337776_o


Busoga Emblem consists of the royal coat of arms and the tri-coloured flag.
The royal coat of arms is composed of many items and symbols that consist the following:-

The Kob ( Empongo)
It represents the rich wild life of Busoga. Tourism is a major activity that has just be identified for Busoga as a major source of income. The Empongo is also the totem of the Balangira (Royal family)
Two drums
The drum like to many other societies in Africa is an instrument used in communication. It is also a symbol of culture.

Two Spears
These are war weapons. They are a symbol of power and here they used to connate the leaders role of defending the people.
The shield is used to represent the states role to protect property and life of the people“

River Nile – Water is source of life. the Nile represents the natural resource endowment of the Busoga.

” Busoga okwisania na Maani” the motto is written in Lusoga language. It is translated in English to mean “Unity is Strength or Strength is derived from Unity” – It connotes the togetherness of the Basoga people at all times of crisis and happiness.

Pillars ( in the shield) – These pillars represent the 11 principalities that are the foundation of Busoga Kingdom. These are the families of Gabula, Zibondo, Ngobi, Menha, Luba , Wakooli, Ntembe, Tabingwa, Kisiki, Nkono, and Nanhumba.

Five long pillars in the middle represent the five Princes from which the Kyabazinga is elected. They include: Gabula, Ngobi, Tabingwa, Zibondo and Nkono.

The Knot (In the centre of the shield) represents the Kyabazinga Isebantu as the fulcrum of authority and the chief binding factor of Busoga.

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