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14689756_10209581254941883_500337776_o Busoga a traditional Bantu kingdom in Eastern Uganda. We are cultural institution that promotes popular participation and unity among the people of Busoga, through cultural and developmental programs for the improved livelihood of the people of Busoga. We strive for a united people of Busoga, who enjoy economic, social and cultural prosperity. We also continue to enhance, revamp and pave the way for an efficient institutional and management system for the Kyabazinga kingship.

Busoga comprises of 11 principalities of the Basoga people. Our kingdom's capital is located in Bugembe, which in Jinja District, the second largest city in Uganda. Busoga Kingdom is composed of ten politically organised districts: Jinja, Buyende, Kamuli, Kaliro, Iganga, Mayuge, Luuka, Namutumba, Bugiiri and Namayingo. Each district is headed by democratically elected chairpersons or Local Council Five, while municipalities are headed by an elected Mayor. Jinja is the industrial and economical hub of Busoga. The Busoga area is bounded on the north by the swampy Lake Kyoga which separates it from Lango, on the west by the Victoria Nile which separates it from Buganda, on the south by Lake Victoria which separates it from Tanzania and Kenya, and on the east by the Mpologoma River, which separates it from various smaller tribal groups (Padhola, Bugwere, Bugisu, etc.). Busoga also includes some islands in Lake Victoria, such as Buvuma Island. Read More...

Attractions and Heritage Sites

The source of the Nile, the second longest river in the world, marked by the ?discovery of one of the first European explorers,

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 The ministry of works and transport recently contracted BABCON (U) Ltd to renovate the official Kyabazinga palace. This struc

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Kagulu Hill


Kagulu Hill Kagulu Hill in Buyende is a mystical wonder to see. This rock marks the first settlement area for Basoga of Bunyoro

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